Set up ElasticPress in Your Local WordPress Environment

Prerequisites Docker and docker-compose Git Installation First, we will set up WP Local Docker, 10up’s Docker-based WordPress development environment: Git clone WP Local Docker to your local machine inside a folder named ep-env. git clone ep-env In…  Read More

ElasticPress 2.3: Documents

ElasticPress version 2.3 has been released, bringing with it a new Documents feature. This feature indexes text within popular file types (e.g. pdf, doc, ppt) and adds those files to search results, rectifying a gap in standard WordPress search….  Read More

Debugging ElasticPress

ElasticPress is a sophisticated plugin that tightly integrates with WordPress core, themes, and plugins. As a result, debugging ElasticPress can be tricky business for even experienced developers. Having been exposed to many debugging questions in our GitHub repository,…  Read More