ElasticPress 5.1 Released


ElasticPress 5.1 was released today and contains several improvements! Check some of our highlights:

Official support to Elasticsearch 8

Although previous versions of ElasticPress were already compatible with Elasticsearch 8, ElasticPress 5.2 is the first version officially compatible with the most recent version of Elasticsearch.

ElasticPress.io customers will have their subscriptions migrated to new clusters very soon, but if you want to move your endpoint sooner, you can already create a ticket via your Account Page (click on that “Help” button on the bottom right corner.)

Documents: More file types and further integration

ElasticPress now indexes and searches for TXT and CSV file contents. If you have Protected Content enabled, your Media Library search inside WordPress’ Dashboard will also be powered by ElasticPress.

Synonyms Screen Overhaul

The Synonyms page was completely remodeled, giving users the ability to bulk delete synonyms and more. On top of that, we are now introducing a new type of synonym called Hyponyms.

Hyponyms act as hierarchical synonyms: if you search for shoes you want to get all sneakers and high heels, but searching for high heels should not match sneakers. For cases like this, hyponyms are what you need.

And more!

These were just the highlights. Here are some other noteworthy changes:

  • The Sync Page now has an Errors tab, grouping and suggesting fixes for any errors that happened during a sync;
  • It is now possible to fine-tune ElasticPress-related capabilities, giving editors the ability to change synonyms, for example;

The full list is available on the release page on GitHub.

If you find any bugs or have any ideas for enhancements, please let us know in our GitHub repository. If you like the plugin leave us a review, and if you don’t have an Elasticsearch hosting yet, check out our plans!