Advanced ElasticPress Support for PIXACORE

Recently, we teamed up with PIXACORE to help engineer the Bolder Science website for Celgene Pharmaceuticals, which provides doctors and patients searchable access to a vast library of clinical trials. As the creator of the…


Elferspot: Creating a Porsche-Quality Search Experience

Elferspot is the place for Porsche enthusiasts to share their passion for Porsche sports cars. With more than 2,600 listings, their rapidly growing digital marketplace is a key component of their website. Complex Data Search…


Aggregations API for Grouping Data

Publishers and eCommerce store owners often need to display the count of items (products, posts, etc.) within a category. Using WordPress core functionality, one would have to execute a number of slow MySQL queries to calculate those totals. Using Elasticsearch, we can find this information performantly using the Aggregations API.