Advanced ElasticPress Support for PIXACORE


Recently, we teamed up with PIXACORE to help engineer the Bolder Science website for Celgene Pharmaceuticals, which provides doctors and patients searchable access to a vast library of clinical trials. As the creator of the ElasticPress WordPress plugin and the service — the only fully-integrated, end-to-end SaaS solution that brings modern search functionality to WordPress using Elasticsearch — 10up was well positioned to tackle the project’s complex search challenges.

Bolder Science WordPress and ElasticPress Search Consulting

We contributed a REST API endpoint on the homepage to filter search results based on taxonomy. This enables site visitors to drill down from 300,000+ trials to a manageable result set in seconds.

Our engineers also built an advanced search experience to return data from nearly two dozen fields, such as date fields, text fields, data ranges, and radio button groups, each with several facets. ElasticPress translates the single complex query into Elasticsearch JSON and a customized algorithm weights relevant fields over less significant ones.

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