Using EP Constants in wp-config.php

For developers and multisite administrators using WordPress, the use of constants in the wp-config.php file is essential for several reasons. These constants function as configuration variables, enabling different instances of the WordPress setup to be precisely tailored to their specific environments. By defining these constants, developers can configure database settings, control debugging modes, set cache parameters, and more.

You can also use those constants to configure your ElasticPress settings. The following code snippet provides an example of how you might define them in your wp-config.php file:

define( 'EP_INDEX_PREFIX', 'subscriptionID' );
define( 'EP_CREDENTIALS', 'subscriptionID:subscriptionToken' );
define( 'EP_HOST', '' );

Here is a brief explanation of those constants:

  • EP_INDEX_PREFIX: This is your subscription ID.
  • EP_CREDENTIALS: For this, use your subscription ID as the username and your subscription token as the password.
  • EP_HOST: Your Host URL.