How To Optimize Search For Your WordPress E-commerce Store


In 2019, revenue from e-commerce stores amounted to $360.1 billion within the United States and $3.53 trillion worldwide. Revenues are projected to grow in 2022, to $502.5 billion in the U.S. and $6.54 trillion worldwide

Building and scaling an e-commerce store isn’t exactly easy. When building an ecommerce store on WordPress, overcoming critical challenges like slow page load speeds and frustrating search results requires more than a standalone plugin.

On Wednesday, March 31, I’ll be joining the team at WP Engine to deliver a free webinar titled How to Optimize Search for Your WordPress E-commerce Store

During the webinar, we’ll show how analytics can be used to create dynamic search results that boost sales and how modern search tooling can set up a store to scale smoothly as the business grows. We’ll also look at real e-commerce stores that are “doing it right” — like an apparel company that saw an 18% increase using the techniques this webinar will cover.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to properly set up analytics.
  • How to use analytics data to create custom search results. 
  • Why page speed matters and how to improve your site performance. 
  • How to provide the ideal search experience for shoppers (so you can cash in on those searches and beat out competitors). 

To learn how to create better user experiences, higher conversions, and more sales on an e-commerce site, and of course, to learn more about ElasticPress, join me for this free webinar.