ClassifAI Leverages AI and Machine Learning To Improve WordPress Search


ElasticPress, a fast and flexible search and query engine, was created to elevate the WordPress search experience. Today we’re excited to share our newest free plugin ClassifAI, which takes WordPress search a step further.

ClassifAI uses leading cloud-based services like IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure AI to augment WordPress-powered websites with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. It enables digital publishers to leverage advanced automation to save time, reduce resources, enhance audience engagement, and keep visitors on site longer through automated content tagging and classification and the automatic creation of image ALT text.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) allows ClassifAI to objectively define and classify content and automate the assignment of taxonomies. It also uses Computer Vision capabilities from Azure to perform machine-assisted image tagging that can be applied to the alt-text field to improve site accessibility and used to better search image libraries.

  • A consistent taxonomic structure improves visitor experience by exposing high-value content archives
  • Better meta data improves internal site search capabilities.

When ClassifAI is paired with a solution like ElasticPress, publishers can deliver more relevant search results, contextual recommendations, and even personalized content suggestions.

This is Only The Beginning.

We have plans to expand our integrated cloud services to include Google Cloud AI, Microsoft Azure AI, TensorFlow, and other emerging technologies. What we shared with you today represents only the earliest practical applications of our vision—we intend for ClassifAI to be our center for innovation in applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to WordPress.

Of course, like all 10up open source solutions, ClassifAI is designed to be extended and is built with the same extensible approach as WordPress itself, with hooks and filters available to customize service providers and integration points.

ClassifAI + ElasticPress

You don’t have to change anything with ElasticPress to use ClassifAI.

ClassifAI is designed to be a connector that integrates external Cloud Based services from cutting edge innovators like Microsoft Azure and IBM Watson. Just sign up for any of the cloud services supported by ClassifAI, and add your credentials in the plugin’s settings screen to get started. At the time of writing, all of the supported services offer free tiers that will be more than sufficient for most real world use cases.

Once the ClassifAI language processing settings are configured, the plugin will begin its automatic content tagging. As the content classification improves over time, ElasticPress will provide better, more relevant search results.

Get ClassifAI

To register, get a free license key, and download the plugin, head to ClassifAI is also available on GitHub, where we are actively reviewing feedback and issue reports.